Seven Reasons Why God Will Answer Your Prayers.

1. Because you prayed to Him and acknowledged Him. Ps65:2, prov 3:6. Dan6:10.

One primary reason why GOD answered Hezekiah’s prayer in Isaiah 38 as recorded in verse 2, “and Hezekiah turned his face towards the wall and prayed to God”. He remembered God first, not his sooth sayers or his medication.

2. Because you’re in a covenant relationship with God. Matt7:7, Jer 33:3, Job22:21-30.

It is easier for your child using tricks to get things off you than for an outsider. Matt 7:11, it is easier to release to the one you’re connected and committed to despite their short comings. Only connected wires carry the current in a circuit.

3. Because you are in close proximity to Him.
Proximity determines intensity. The closer you are to me, the better and easier for my hands to reach you. I don’t need to shout to get your attention if you’re right beside me or in front of me.
I call it a DOPPLER effect. A DOPPLER effect, in physics, is a change in the observed frequency of a wave of sound or light occurring when the source and the observer are in relative motion to each other with d frequency and intensity increasing when the source and the observer approach each other or decreasing when they move apart.

4. Because of sincerity, simplicity and your humility.

Big names, big titles and big qualifications have no place with God. Only a true heart. For a true and a contrite heart God cannot despise, Ps51:17, Luke 18:9-14. Even king Ahab, the most devious of all kings of Israel, God forgave him when he repented, 1kings 21:27-29.
Have you ever wondered Why God forgave Nineveh but destroyed sodom. Jonah 3:5. Even God repented in verse 10, because of their repentance.

5. Because of your good works. Because of the good deeds you’ve done. Is38:3, Hebrews 6:10.

Every work speaks, either good or bad. King Hezekiah presented his good deeds and was justified. Ps 20:3, “remember all thy offerings and accept all thy offering burnt sacrifice”. Cornelius in Acts 10:1-4 had this testimonial that his prayers and offerings had gone before God. Infact, it will be unjust for God to forget your labour of love and we all know that God cannot be unjust, so then he CANNOT forget your good works.

6. Because of your consistency.

Be consistent for in consistency lies the power. In consistency lies the answer. Read Luke 18:1-8. Remember, winners don’t quit until they win and quitters don’t win because they quit. James 1:6-8, a double minded man will get nothing from God because he’s unstable in all his ways. “Give him no rest”, Isa62:7, until….. Until answer shows up, until something happens like Elijah who prayed seven times until a hand showed up in the sky, a confirmation, an answer, the sound of abundance of rain, the expected end. Every great move of God was preceded by consistent, constant, committed prayers and folks. They continued steadfastly in prayers and ministering the word Acts 2:42-43, Acts 6:5-7

7. Because you are positive, persuaded, confident and determined.

A woman lost her child but she kept confessing that it is well despite the fact that she had just been bereaved and in the end it was really well. Her son came back to life after Elisha prayed 2kings 4:26. Mark 2 epitomises the determination and persuasion of some unrelenting four folks, ready to go all length. The bible said they removed the roof because of no room, to get Jesus’ attention, all because of their sick friend Mark 2:2-5.

In closing, may I remind you that the effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available (James 5:16).

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God bless you.

By Pastor Gbenga Ayankogbe