How we started

In 1994, I was just 3 years old in the Lord when I had a vision.

Jesus Christ appeared to me in the form of a weeping woman. This woman was sitting on a raised platform and weeping profusely.  I felt sorry for her. In an attempt to console her, I told her to stop weeping. She looked at me, but continued. Then I asked her why she was weeping.

She pointed down from the platform; it was then that I noticed the crowd below. I did not see the end of the crowd as it was immense but I saw people who seemed to have been in party mood, drinking and jubilating amongst themselves.

Then the woman said to me: “They are my children, doing what they like and no one to tell them.”

So I asked her “Is that why you are crying? Stop crying.” But she continued.

Then I said to her, “I will tell them, I will evangelise.” Immediately, she started to wipe her tears off.

This vision stirred up the passion for the lost in me and I started to preach Christ to friends, families, in market places, on the bus.  At every opportunity, I made sure I preached the message of salvation.

My prayer is that reading this vision would stir up your passion for the lost and that you would respond to the call of sharing Christ wherever you are.

Fola Ayankogbe.

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