Releasing The Sound Of Revival.

Revival can be described as the sudden move of God characterised by the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit resulting in an influx of people into the kingdom of God with demonstration of signs and wonders.

Revival is an awakening.

We are the people God has called to release the sound of revival.

Hosea 6: 1-3
Revival cannot take place without a returning to the Lord. Revival starts from the heart. Revival should be the normal Christian life. Revival is for the church. The church should awake from sleep and be revived
Until we get to the place where we are consumed with God, we need revival.

Revelations 2-3 We are in the era of the seven churches. The church has become lukewarm. That is why genuine signs and wonders are scarce in this generation. The church has been reduced to a social gathering. We need revival.

Like Ezekiel in Ezekiel 37: 1-14 we are living amongst dry bones in our society. We need revival .
You have to maintain your own fire. The church of Jesus Christ is an army. Like God told Ezekiel to prophesy we need to take the sound of revival to places. There are people that should be in the army but are amongst dry bones. We need to prophesy to them like Ezekiel did to the dry bones.

When believers are revived then we can take it to the dead people around us. God just needs hearts that are available. We cannot talk about cooperate revival when there is no personal revival.

When do we need personal revival?
1. We need revival when we have lost our passion for God. It also affects our relationship with others.
Matthew 24:12, Rev 3:15
2. When we overlook sin and endorse the things that are wrong.
3. When we become prayer less and it doesn’t bother us.
4. When we no longer have a desire to study the scripture.
5. When we esteem carnal things above spiritual things.
6. When we live by the standard of the world instead of Godly standards.
7. When we compromise in sin and get involved with all forms of ungodly activities.
8. When Gods purposes and agenda is no longer important to us- Jesus said I will go about doing my father’s business.
9. When we do not desire or see the need to share our faith with the unsaved.
10. When we have lost our zeal for the house of God and service in His kingdom.

What are the Catalysts for personal revival?
1. Confront ourselves with the truth about our spiritual condition.
2. Genuine repentance (Acts 3:19). Repentance must come with soberness. Repentance opens the door for refreshing.
3. Brokenness and humility ( Ps 34:18, Is 66:2). Many people have left their positions in God due to pride.
4. Passionate prayer (1 Thes 5:17).
5 Fellowship with the Holy Spirit (2 cor 13:14).
6. Consistent fellowship with people of like mind (acts 4:23). People who will not quench your fire.

When revival breaks out the power of God is moving by Himself. This outpouring will start with individuals, who would cry out to God consistently and fervently in prayers. Personal revival will give birth to cooperate ones.

Are you hungry and thirsty for God at this time? It is time to humble yourself, pray and cry out to God for a personal revival.

If this blog has blessed you, please share your testimony or add your points by clicking reply at the end. God bless.

By Rev Yinka John


4 thoughts on “Releasing The Sound Of Revival.

  1. Coincidentally !!!for the past two weeks … We have been treating .’ Where is the God of Elijah ? ‘,& where are the Elijahs of this time! in my church’ I give God the glory that there are more saints crying out genuinely for great revival … My prayer is that we ready to burst out of religion & embrace the purpose of our salvation …. God bless u rev Yinka for this really needed article & wise women ministry …. U always in season & time! Ur spiritual antenna will not be dampened in Jesus name

  2. A Testimony
    I forwarded d msg to a friend
    And she called to appreciate the msg & its on time.
    My regards to Min.Yinka John
    And God Bls u too

  3. So beautiful joy ,that speak and write about revival in the Holy Sprit in enjoy in the season into coming soon around the word after promises of the Father in heave and his amazing love can nothing stop that send the Holy Spirit amongus in strong moving of heaven still once time again in Jesus name,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden

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