Nuggets For The New Year – The character of a light bearer.

As believers in Christ Jesus, we are light bearers. The bible admonishes that we become blameless and harmless children of God without fault. Even in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation we are expected to still shine as lights (Phil 2:15).
Jesus Christ was 100% man and 100% God. Phil 2:7 says Jesus came in the likeness of man, suggesting that Jesus was really a man not merely a man. His humanity was genuine yet His being was still divine.
Now the command is this – to be like – minded (have the same mind as Christ) – Phil 2:2.
What Character did Jesus Christ display that made Him shine as a light?
1. Unselfishness – Christ looked beyond His own interests for our sakes. He willingly laid aside His heavenly glory to come to earth and die.
We should be willing to look beyond our own interests for the sake of others. This applies to every relationship we may find ourselves, as husbands, wives, children, fathers, mothers, pastors, friends etc.

2. Humility – Christ did not affirm the fullness of Godliness by self – advancement. His exaltation is a consequence of Him humbling Himself.
Just as Christ’s humility received ultimate exaltation our call is to humble ourselves in the sight of the Lord and He will lift us up (James 4:10).
This helps us to rise to God’s highest purpose in each of us.

3. Obedience – In view of the obedience of Christ and His lordship we are expected to show a like obedience (Phil 2:12). Obedience to our call in life regardless of what the call is. From the pulpit to pew, as businessmen or preachers. Obedience is a key to breakthrough in the new year.

4. Unity – Being like – minded also suggests unity. Unity of purpose and disposition is important for advancement in any facets of life. Consider others more important than yourself. Diligently seek unity with other believers in your thoughts, attitude, love, spirit and purpose. Be concerned about the things that are important to others. (Phil 2:1-4).

5. Learn to control your thought life. Practice focusing your thoughts on things that are pure, lovely, and virtuous and praise worthy (Phil 4:8-9).

6. Forget the past and reach out for those things still ahead (Phil 3:12-14).

7. Believe with confidence that God will accomplish the good work He started in you (Phil 1:6).

8. Learn to be content in all circumstances. Contentment will bring great freedom to your life (Phil 4:1-12).

9. Believe that when God asks you to do something, He is able to provide the strength you need to do it (Phil 4:13).

10. Rejoice always and pray continuously. Consciously practice responding to various circumstances with joy and prayer instead of anxiety and worry (Phil 4: 4-7).

In conclusion, as the heavenly bodies shine forth in brightness against the blackness of the night so the lives of true Christians lighten the moral darkness of the world.
Please add to the list of nuggets for the New Year by clicking reply now. Have a delightful new year. Go and shine forth! God bless.


6 thoughts on “Nuggets For The New Year – The character of a light bearer.

  1. Nice one. May the grace to be like minded in Christ be granted to us by our father.
    I always enjoy your teachings, it’s full of insights and much revelations. Shalom.

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